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What makes Solution One Media different from the ocean of web designers and marketeer out there?

It's fairly simple really and can be summed up with two words - Creative & Continuity.

You can have the greatest whiz-bang website on the planet, you can save money by using Wix or any of the other growing list of "easy to build" self build sites but what really matters is the message. The website is just like any other medium it has to be memorable and truely represent what your organisation can provide, the vale you bring and the reasons why a visitor should be talking to you.

What really matters is that the site, the material, the images and the entire flow of information represent you and promote your top selling points - that the branding triggers engagement and makes the potential customer talk to you.

Solution One Media have worked with a number of startups (and established businesses) where creating a unique brand was absolutely key to success.

Our portfolio is full of great examples of how we have differentiated client companies from the competition and this key ability is what separates us from general web designers. By acting as a one stop shop you instantly get continuity across all your company documentation and advertising leaving you to get on with the business of making sales or providing your services.

Case Study - London Gun Services

Gary and Tom Ward approached us for help with marketing for a business they were about to launch  Gary's inital comment was "I think we only need a one or two page website"

After some consultation we proposed a number of ideas (both from a content and a business perspective) and developed a brand look and feel.

Within weeks of launch the web site (which featured marketing copy showing a much wider range of services than just storage) was ranking on page one of Google for a whole number of key word searches. The reason - great content and marketing material that got peoples attention.

Quickly the (now highly recognised) LGS logo started appearing in trade mags, press releases and was put in to the consciousness of the general shooting community. Six years on and the business is thriving and now recognised as the de facto place to go to get help with every aspect of clay and game shooting in London.

On our portfolio pages you will see several examples of our work - each marketing and branding exercise starts with listening to you and helping you understand your USP's . Only when we have full understanding of who your audience is will we start producing ideas. Any website is built from the ground up and we excel at quickly understanding any given business and then designing and implementing memorable visuals and written marketing content.

Once we have designed a certain look and feel this can easily be run through website design, business cards, brochures, banners, tee shirts, exhibition artwork and much more giving your business communications continuity an a real professional edge.

London Gun Services have now grown into one of the most respected gun storage and services companies in London. Before taking the website and management in house Gary Wards final words were "Thank you Paul, we could not have done this without you".

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